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candi, 2023


74#        477lbs 


Candi competed in the 2023 Formula SAE IC competition in Michigan. The team reached design finals for the first time in USC history and placed 8th out of 121 teams in design, claiming #1 in brakes and Top 3 in aerodynamics. In addition, Candi went on to be the first USC car since 2018 to complete all Dynamic events, placing 33 out of 121 teams overall.

  • Aero: 3-element front wing with twisted elements, 3-element rear wing with swan neck mounts

  • Body: Carbon fiber composite panels

  • Drive: RWD with chain drive, Drexler Limited Slip Differential

  • Shifting: electronic paddle shifters

  • Engine: 600cc Yamaha R6 (2006)

  • Exhaust: Custom 4-1 titanium headers

  • Frame: Steel space frame

  • Intake: Custom 3-D printed manifold with optimized restrictor profile

  • Suspension: rocker-actuated front, bellcrank actuated rear; adjustable ARBs

  • Electronics: e-throttle

  • Brakes: Wilwood PS1 calipers, adjustable bias, 1.6g deceleration

  • Unique: Carbon fiber undertray, forged carbon fiber clutch pedal (hydraulic clutch)

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