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About US

What We Do

We are the University of Southern California's chapter of Formula SAE. As an entirely student-run organization that designs, constructs, tests, and races high performance autocross racecars, we compete against universities from across the globe in an ultimate test of our car’s abilities.

Who We Are

USC Racing is open to all majors and years. While most of the team is made up of engineers, you don’t have to be an engineer to be involved – we welcome any and everyone! By taking students out of the classroom and allowing them to apply textbook theories to real-world problems, USC's Formula SAE produces some of the most talented and highly desired graduates in the country.

Meet the Team


Our Advisors

(From left to right: Rodney Yates, Dr. Yann Staelens, William Colvin) 

Dr. Yann Staelens

Dr. Staelens is an associate Professor of Engineering Practice in the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering department. He advises the team on all technical matters and is a vault of engineering design & manufacturing knowledge for the team to draw upon. In his free time, Dr. Staelens has been working on restoring a 1955 Ford Thunderbird - he loves everything racecar!


Bill is a Senior Instructional Lab Tech at the Baum Family Makerspace with extensive experience in motorsports and manufacturing. He is a licensed driver for nearly all types of vehicles on earth, including motorcycles and planes. Bill offers ongoing technical support for various aspects of car design and production.

Rodney Yates

Rod is the Associate Laboratory Manager at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. Rod is the team’s go-to for any manufacturing challenge. His vast knowledge base and experience in manufacturing has been one of the best learning sources for the team. Stop by the senior design laboratory and say hi!

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