Meet the Team

Team Leadership

Meet the executive and technical boards of USC Racing. These are the students who run the team and manage the individual subteams.

Noah Klein

Project Manager and Chief Engineer, Team Captain – Senior

As the team’s project manager and chief engineer, Noah loves all things racecar. He’s a familiar face at the workshop, and hopes to lead this team to its best finish ever at competition this year.

Kenny Barrera

Head of Business, Team Captain – Senior

In his first year on the team, Kenny took on the massive job of searching and coordinating with sponsors of the team. The team’s sponsors keep us afloat, and it’s thanks to Kenny’s work that we’re continuing as strongly as we are.

Ethan Hsu

Powertrain Lead – Senior

As Powertrain lead, Ethan is responsible for making the car go vroom.

Sam Rapaport

Chassis Lead – Senior

Sam is a senior mechanical engineering student and has been working with chassis over his past two years. As this year’s Chassis lead, he is responsible for the frame, suspension, steering, and brakes of our new car.

Maximillian Bui

Composites Lead – Junior

Max is the lead of our new department, Composites. As Composites lead, Max is responsible for overseeing the manufacturing and planning of the composites and internal ergonomics.

Yash Salgaocar

Aerodynamic Lead – Junior

As Aerodynamics lead, Yash is in charge of giving the car its great looks. A great guy to work with and committed to the team, he spends a lot of the time at the shop prepping our car and sharing his vast knowledge of aerodynamics with the rest of the team.

Dae Kim

Electronics Lead – Senior

As the electronics lead, Dae is responsible for maintaining the reliability of the car’s electrical wiring. He is a junior electrical engineering student and a senior in the act of wire soldering. Armed with a pair of wire cutters and a solid group of head engineers, he is committed to making the most seamlessly integrated electronics package to date.

Chandler Erskine

Crew Chief and Shop Manager – Senior

As the team’s Crew Chief and Shop Manager, Chandler is responsible for ensuring that the shop is well-kept and safe, as well as planning team excursions, new member education, and providing general assistance both in and out of shop.


Meet the advisors for USC Racing who oversee, guide, and mentor the team through engineering challenges.

Yann Staelens

Faculty Advisor

Yann is a Ph.D. lecturer in the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering department. He advises the team on technical matters and also teaches the 1-unit FSAE elective that runs each semester.


Rodney Yates

Technician Advisor

Rod is the team’s go-to for any manufacturing challenge. His vast knowledge base and experience has been one of the best learning sources for the team for many years.