Meet the Team

Team Leadership

Meet the executive and technical boards of USC Racing. These are the students who run the team and manage the individual subteams.

Vihan Krishnan
Project Manager – Junior

As project manager, Vihan is responsible for overseeing the technical team in the design and manufacture and completion of the racecar. An enthusiastic figure in the workshop, you can always expect to find him exploring new ideas to grow the team and expand on the knowledge and innovation that drives USC Racing forward.

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Jonathan Laifman
President - Junior

As President of the USC FSAE Racing team, Jonathan is responsible for overseeing the executive board, sponsor relations, and daily operations of the club. Not only is he passionate about business, Jonathan is heavily involved in the powertrain team and enjoys getting under the hood (so to speak).

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Ram Senthil
Aerodynamics/Composites Lead - Sophmore

As Aerodynamics lead, Ram is in charge of optimizing the airflow over the car. A great guy to work with and committed to the team, he spends a lot of the time at the shop prepping our car and sharing his vast knowledge of aerodynamics with the rest of the team.

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Matt Pozzi
Drivetrain Lead - Sophmore

As Drivetrain Lead, Matt is responsible for making the car go vroom. Not afraid to get his hands dirty, Matt is always determined to harness as much power from the engine as he can, both in shop and behind the computer.

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Daniel Bae
Power Plant Lead - Sophmore

Determined to create the most powerful engine, Daniel is responsible for the engine, its internals, and cooling. An expert in his field, Daniel enjoys sharing his knowledge and innovating!

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Dylan Cavaz
Frame and Body Lead - Senior

Dylan is always a friendly face in the workshop, and has been a crucial Chassis team member over the past three years. This year, he is responsible for the backbone of the car: the steel space-frame.

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Charles Guo
Vehicle Dynamics Lead - Junior

Determined to create the best driving platform, Charles is responsible for the suspension, steering, and wheels. He thoroughly enjoys the time spent at USC Racing during which he learned leant so much and met great people.

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Seth Krieger
Electronics Lead - Senior

As the electronics lead, Seth is responsible for all the electrical components as well as data logging – crucial for the car’s development. Armed with a solid group of engineers, he is committed to making the most seamlessly integrated electronics package to date.

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Meet the advisors for USC Racing who oversee, guide, and mentor the team through engineering challenges.

Dr. Yann Staelens
Faculty Advisor

Dr. Staelens is an associate Prof. of Engineering Practice in the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering department. He advises the team on all technical matters and is a vault of engineering design & manufacturing knowledge for the team to draw upon. In his free time, Dr. Staelens has been working on restoring a 1955 Ford Thunderbird - he loves everything racecar!

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Rodney Yates
Technician Advisor

Rod is the a Senior Lab Technician at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. Rod is the team’s go-to for any manufacturing challenge. His vast knowledge base and experience in manufacturing has been one of the best learning sources for the team. Stop by the senior design laboratory and say hi!

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