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USC Racing is open to all majors and years. While most of the team are engineers, you don’t have to be an engineer to be involved – in fact, one of our most hard-core members is a math major! We also have an active business team that manages our portfolio, fundraising, and marketing, which has been a great showcase for the business students on the team.

“But I don’t know anything about cars!” That’s fine, many of us came in as freshman having never touched a car engine before. You’ll learn quickly, and we’ll help teach you how everything works. Some minimum qualifications are enthusiasm, wanting to learn and put in effort, and being willing to get hands-on and a little dirty. Don’t let inexperience get in your way.

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To join, come by the shop during shop hours (location and hours below). You’ll have to sign a safety waiver, pay a $20 membership fee for the first semester on the team and $10 for the second semester each year, and you’re officially part of the team.

Once you do that, make sure to also register on this website with your email to get added to the team mailing list. Also make sure to talk to a team lead about getting added to the members-only Slack app (most of the team chit-chat goes on there).

Shop Location:

We are located in the Northeast corner of USC Campus, next to the Jefferson Parking Structure and the Bank of America. There are a few ways to get there:

• From the South: Start at the Downey Way Parking Structure. Walk North past Kaprielian Hall and reach the tennis courts. Walk parallel to Vermont Ave. between the tennis courts and the street. Continue walking past the baseball field. Once you see the corner of the Jefferson Parking Structure, turn left towards Vermont Ave. Continue West until you reach an area covered with red covering. This is our shop.

• From the North or East: Walk past the Lyon Center and the Engemann Health Center until you reach the Jefferson Parking Structure. Walk around the Jefferson Parking Structure until you get to the Southwest corner of it. Continue West until you reach an area covered with red covering. This is our shop.